Top Trader Radio [Episode 6] Alessandro Cocciola’s strategy has experienced 4 years of good “Carma”

July 31, 2017

Alessandro Cocciola designs and develops quantitative, mechanical trading strategies that utilize proprietary measurements to determine the market regime along with a scoring system for S&P equities. His flagship strategy Carma Stocks is a mean reversion swing trading strategy that filters for oversold and overbought stocks. The strategy trades only highly liquid stocks, both long and short.

In Episode 6 of Top Trader Radio, Alessandro and host Charley Wright talk about the investment approach behind Carma Stocks, the importance of matching trading methods to your personality, lessons learned about liquidity from the perils of 2008, and the characteristics that have lead to Alessandro's success as a portfolio manager. 


Top Trader Radio [Episode 5] IQBroker’s Daniel Tochner has 18 ways to make you a better trader

July 18, 2017

Software Architect Daniel Tochner wanted a way to backtest, optimize, and execute multiple algorithmic trading strategies at a portfolio level. When he was unable to find a platform that was capable of the heavy lifting required to meet his needs, he set out to design and build it himself, and IQBroker was born.

In Episode 5 of Top Trader Radio, Daniel and host Charley Wright cover the features and benefits of the IQBroker software which was recently selected as Collective2’s first Preferred Trading Platform.  Daniel explains how IQBroker allows multiple strategies, within a single portfolio, to trade multiple symbols, on multiple exchanges… and to use multiple bar-types, news feeds, RSS feeds, and fundamental data.

The result of over 11 years of R&D, IQBroker is one of the most powerful and feature-rich broker-neutral trading platforms for equities, futures and forex. IQBroker has received rave reviews from quantitative and algorithmic traders all over the world. 


Top Trader Radio [Episode 4] Paolo Geronazzo’s ANTARES SP500 Trading Strategy has 3-ways to shine.

July 5, 2017

After numerous failed attempts at discretionary trading, Paolo Geronazzo returned to his IT roots and began developing rules-based trading strategies. Many years of rigorous back-testing later, a mean-reversion strategy targeting the S&P 500 E-mini Futures emerged as "the star" and ANTARES SP500 was born.

In this episode, Charley and Paolo go into great detail about the workings of the strategy and the methods used to succeed with a contrarian strategy in what has seemed like a relentless bull market. Hint, ANTARES SP500 has more than one way to shine.  


Top Trader Radio [Episode 3] John Netto takes performance measurement into a 3rd dimension

June 26, 2017

This week host Charley Wright spoke with John Netto, a professional, independent futures trader based in Las Vegas. John has managed risk in the global markets, the world of sports as a teenage bookie, and as a United States Marine.  

Charley and John covered many topics, including his 600-page book “The Global Macro Edge” and his view on the three dimensions of measuring returns, the 3rd dimension being his namesake  - the Netto Number.


Top Trader Radio [Episode 1]: Collective2 Founder talks about the genesis of his peer-to-peer trading platform

June 19, 2017

Listen as Charley talks to Matthew Klein, the CEO of Collective2, an investing web site where great traders from around the world ask Collective2 to track their brokerage results in real-time. Then other investors can “subscribe” to these traders, and automatically follow their trades in their own brokerage account.

Collective2 was founded in 2001. It has more than 100,000 registered users and 15,000 published strategies. Over $75 million dollars of investor capital is connected to the Collective2 platform.


Top Trader Radio [Episode 2]: Mario Randholm on the importance of thinking risk management first

June 15, 2017

Charley interviews Mario Randholm, Trade Leader for the options premium selling strategy R-Option

"This business is about risk management. You could have the best models .. but if you are wrong with risk management, you will not succeed."