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Top Trader Radio [Episode 12] James Leigh Says, ‘Be Choosy When it Comes to Opportunity’

January 23, 2018

Toronto-based Collective2 trading strategist James Leigh believes that, as a trader, you absolutely need to let most opportunities pass you by. Most traders believe that they need to do everything, when the opposite is true. "Slow down and think long-term" Leigh urges. "It's said the deal of a lifetime comes around every 90 days".

James Leigh's popular C2 strategy, Correlation Factor, is a highly backtested sector rotation strategy that picks 5 sectors of favorable strength and stability (US equities not including energy and minerals); trends across the various sectors are updated daily where upon detecting a 'stale' trend it rotates into something more favorable. 

In episode 12 of Top Trader Radio, we dive into why James believes his strategy has outperformed the market, the benefits of a sector rotational strategy, and how to keep your losses at a minimum. 

"Everyone wants to invest in something long-term...but, before it becomes a good long-term trend it needs to be a good short-term trend."