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Top Trader Radio [Episode 7] Brad Pappas proves that green portfolios can stay well in the black

September 10, 2017

In 1995, Brad Pappas formed Rocky Mountain Humane Investing, Corp (RMHI), an independent Boulder investment advisory firm to cater to Vegan and Socially Responsible Investing.  RMHI was the first investment adviser in the United States that focused exclusively on humane and environmentally screening as part of a socially responsible investing philosophy.

In Episode 7 of Top Trader Radio, Brad and host Charley Wright talk about the investment approach behind several strategies tracked on Collective2 including Optimized Partners I and The Vegan Growth Portfolio.  Topics include trend following, what makes a market worthy of investment, and the common question of whether socially responsible investing means sacrificing performance. 

Brad's proprietary ranking and trading systems have been public on  since 2013.